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Bad Jokes Collection

Funny Jokes

Bad Jokes # 1

What’s black, red, black, red, black, red?
A zebra with a sun burn.

Bad Jokes # 2

At work: Excuse me, may I disturb you shortly?
Of course, what is it?
Nothing, I just wanted to disturb you.

Bad Jokes # 3

Andy has 150 candy bars. He eats 125. What does Andy have now?
Andy has diabetes now.

Bad Jokes # 4

It has four legs and it can fly, what is it?
Two birds.

Bad Jokes # 5

Whenever I’m sad I just read my blood donor ID.
It always says “B positive”.

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Bad Jokes # 6

One twin to the other: "You are ugly."

Bad Jokes # 7

What is the tallest piece of furniture?
The bookcase. It’s got the most stories.

Bad Jokes # 8

Q: What is blue and smells like red paint?
A: Blue paint.

Bad Jokes # 9

A guy orders at a bakery, "I'd like 19 buns please."
The baker suggests, "I think you should take 20, sir."
"Why?" asks the man, puzzled.
The baker replies, "That way, you would have one more!"

Bad Jokes # 10

I was devastated to hear that Peter died. Are you coming to his funeral?
And why should I? He’s not coming to mine, either.

Bad Jokes # 11

A crying son runs to his mom: “Mom, mom, (sniff), Grandpa slapped me in the face.”
Grandpa approaches: “Stop lying or I’ll do it again!”

Bad Jokes # 12

Oh, they were laughing when I told them I’m becoming a stand-up comedian. Well, ha! They’re not laughing now!

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