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WhatsApp Jokes For You

A Teacher Asked A Student To Write 44.
Student Asked: How?
Teacher: Write 4 And Beside It Another 4!
The Student Wrote 4 And Stopped.
Teacher: What Are You Waiting For?
Student: I Don’t Know Which Side To Write The Other 4

A Wife Is Watching The News With Her Husband When
The Newscaster Says, “Six Korean Men Die In A Skydiving Accident.”
The Wife Starts Crying To Her Husband, Sobbing, “That’s Horrible!”
Confused, He Replies, “Yes Dear, It Is Sad, But They Were Skydiving, And There Is Always That Risk Involved.”
After A Few Minutes, The Wife, Still Sobbing, Says, “How Many Is A Korean?”

Robert At A Restaurant: “I Refuse To Eat This meatloaf. Please Call The Manager!”
Waiter: “That’s No Use. He Will Not Eat It Either.”

New WhatsApp Jokes For You

Teacher: On Next Monday, There Will Be A Lecture On Moon. Everyone Must Attend It.
Johnny: No Teacher! I Will Not Be Able To Attend It.
Teacher: Why?
Johnny: My Mother Will Not Allow Me To Go So Far!!!

A husband sits in a bar and cries. The bartender comes and asks, "What happened, Sir".
Husband replies: “My wife told me that she would not talk to me for 2 months.”
The bartender replies, “Very sad!”
Man: “Yes! Today those months are over.”

Adam goes to the consultant: “What is your fee?”
Consultant: “500 US dollars for 3 questions.”
Adam: “Great - too much! It's a little expensive, isn't?”
Consultant: “Yes, what is your third question?”

Best WhatsApp Jokes For Laugh

A taxi driver calls his boss, "Boss, my mirror is broken."
The boss replies, "No problem then just buy a new one and replace it then."
The taxi driver answers, "I cannot. The taxi is laying on it."

Mother is waking her son: “Joe, wake up, you have to go to school.”
Joe reply: “Aw mother, just a bit more sleep, please.”
Mother: “No, already late, now get up.”
Joe: “But I don’t want to. The children annoy me and the teachers are a complete pain!”
Mother: “Stop it, now and Get up.”
Joe: “Mother, give me two good reasons why I should.”
Mother: “John, first, you’re 35, and second, you’re the principal of the school.”

A little girl asks to her mother at a wedding, “Mother, why is bride dressed all in white?”
Her mother answers, “Bride is in white because she is happy and this is the happiest day of her life.”
The girl nods and then says, “All right, and why is groom all in black?”

Funny WhatsApp Jokes For Laugh

I gave my dad $200 and
said, “Buy something from this money that will make your life comfortable.”
So my dad went to the market and bought a present for my mother.

John asks his Father, “Father, can you write with closed eyes?”
Father replies, “I think I can do it, if I tried.”
John says, “Great, do you think you should try this on my school report?”

Teacher: Which wife is there, who knows 100% where her husband is?
Student (scratching his head): Widows Woman.
Teacher Unconscious.

Tom ate 250 grams of sweets from a sweets shop and left without paying.
The confectioner said – Oh, the money for sweets should be given.
Tom said – there is no money…
The confectioner got angry and thrashed Tom a lot.
After the beating, the Tom got up and said, shaking hands and feet, give one kilo more weight at the same price.

Seeing Johnny washing the car, the woman asked- Are you washing the car, Johnny?
Johnny - I am not, giving water, maybe she grows up to become a bus...

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